“Enola Holmes” review

Mystery movie “Enola Holmes” shares a girl’s journey to find her missing mother

Morgan Pankiewicz, Staff writer

Sherlock Holmes and his detective skills equals an iconic character in many childhoods. The new Netflix movie “Enola Holmes” highlights his teen sister and her journey. The plot revolves around protagonist Enola Holmes discovering her mother went missing and she sets off on her adventure to find her. Along the way, she meets new people, comes across barriers and solves crimes. Enola gets better than her brother Sherlock with her crime solving skills. It started on number two on Netflix and then rose to number one for their list of top 10 movies and shows in the U.S.. Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Enola, gives a wonderful acting performance along with Louis Partridge, who played Lord Tewksbury. The lighting in the movie became rustic and dull, which helped to set the tone while the movie included unique and special outfits based on the set time frame. If you enjoy mystery and comedy movies, this movie includes scenes right up your alley. “Enola Holmes” also includes funny parts along with enjoyable, cute scenes. At the same time, there were cliff hangers and parts that left people hanging wondering: “Is she ok?” or “What is going to happen next?” “Enola Holmes” runs about two hours and three minutes. It leans towards the longer side, but the pace goes quick and something eventful always happens. The movie started out slow in the beginning and took a little while to build up. The movie came out on Sept. 24 and rates PG-13.  All in all, “Enola Holmes” rates a 4.5 out of 5 stars.