All about the money

The Walt Disney company has new release strategy for their big blockbuster movies


Danielle M Carlisi

After a drought of new Disney content, people around the world tune in to watch the new blockbuster movie “Mulan” on Disney Plus. However, many people didn’t purchase it due to the price point. “I would have wished it was free because you’re already paying for Disney Plus,” junior Lilianna Rosol said.

Danielle M Carlisi, Staff Writer

The Walt Disney Company presents itself to be all about magic, kindness and creativity; but the company’s greed became more obvious over the past few years.

When COVID-19 came into the picture, Disneylike so many other companiesadapted to this new world without movie theaters. Instead of releasing their blockbuster movie “Mulan” direct to Premium Video on Demand (PVoD), they decided to create their own strategy: release “Mulan” onto Disney Plus, but only members with premium access, which costs $30 per movie, can watch it.

Disney made it clear that this might be the new normal release strategy for their blockbuster movies, but this is unacceptable.

Unlocking a movie for $30 is far too costly if it doesn’t supply the movie theater experience. It’s also  a requirement to own a Disney Plus membership which is already $7 per month. By all means, Disney isn’t a poor company; as of 2018 their net worth was nearly $130 billion, according to

Some agree that the price of “Mulan” isn’t that bad since it is cheaper to pay $30 for the movie on Disney Plus instead of going to the movie theater; however, that only applies to big families.

Also, Disney Plus hardly creates any original content. Why bother paying $7 a month for the service when their content is stale and the movies and shows on it can be found basically anywhere? Netflix puts about $15 billion into original content a year while Disney barely started adding new shows to their service, according to Disney shouldn’t make their members pay more for premium access while they already pay for Disney Plus.

In order to stop Disney from continuing their new release strategy, Disney Plus members must not pay for premium access.