Quarantine in the south

What’s so different about the South and North?


This week, I escape from Michigan and go to Lake Wylie Clover, South Carolina and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I had the best time leaving for a week and getting out. Down south, everything’s so different; there are no worries about the virus, but people are still taking precautions at this time, so we’re all safe.

Samantha L. Quartuccio, Staff Writer

On May 15, my family and I all hopped in a car and went to Lake Wylie, Clover, SC and then Myrtle Beach, SC. On the way there we stopped in Chillicothe, OH. Ohio’s shelter-in-place situation is the same as ours: stuck in the house and very few places to go. South Carolina, on the other hand, is so different.

All restaurants with outside seating opened up; they were all 50 percent capacity and every other table was blocked off, so they still obeyed social distancing guidelines. Since everything seemed safe and clean, not many people wore masks or gloves. The only people wearing them served food and also the occasional elderly person.

The beaches and stores opened up, as well. The beach chairs were set up six feet apart; there was also hand sanitizer on every corner open to the public use. In elevators, there’s only one party per ride for social distancing. 

In stores, a worker standing at the door counting every person that left and entered the store. That being said, this made sure the shopping stores stayed at 50 percent capacity to keep everyone safe. On May 15, all hair and nail salons reopened as well. 

As I wandered around South Carolina, I really felt safe from the virus.