Mascara review

A review on some popular name brand mascaras

Kira Stacey, Staff Writer

L’oreal lash paradise mascara

This can be purchased at any big-box-store or drugstore, such as Target, CVS, or Walmart. Prices vary between $10-$12, so it’s on the cheaper and affordable side. This mascara has a thick brush, so it does a good job of making all eyelashes look longer and more voluminous. However, because of this, if too much mascara is applied, it can sometimes appear clumpy. It may be more difficult to take off at the end of the day due to how thick the mascara is. 


Tarte Maneater mascara

This mascara can be purchased at most makeup stores, such as Sephora or Ulta Beauty. It also can be bought on the official Tarte Cosmetics website. This mascara is on the more expensive side, being around $23 for a normal size, and about $12 for a travel size. It has a thick brush, but with thin bristles, so it does a better job curling lashes. This mascara, however, doesn’t really achieve the voluminous and long look many people go for. 


Mary Kay Lash Love mascara

This is a mascara that can only be purchased on the Mary Kay Cosmetics website or amazon. On the official Mary Kay website, it costs $15. On Amazon, it can be bought for a cheaper price, anywhere from $7 to $15. This mascara has a long, thin brush and it brushes through each lash to make them appear much longer. It is very thin and doesn’t clump or smear, and it wipes off well.


L’oreal Telescopic mascara

This can be purchased again at any big-box store or drugstore, and also at makeup stores. This mascara is more affordable, with prices ranging from about $8 to $11. It has a super thin brush with two sides, a comb side and a brush side. It makes your lashes look much longer while going on smooth and not clumping or smearing throughout the day.