Everything you want in an everything bagel

Are the everything bagels everything that they seem to be?

Juliana Crews, Staff Writer

 Everything Bagels are great to eat in the morning, but they’re also great to have at any time of the day. Everything bagels were tested from Big Apple, Bruegger’s and Einstein Bros for their taste, prices and customer service.

 The first shop is Big Apple Bagels. The workers were friendly and seemed like they liked their job. The bagel cost was $1.59, it felt soft when biting into it. It was not stale or hard and had enough toppings on it just like how an everything bagel is. On a scale of one-five stars, this place would have a four out of five stars.

 Next up is Bruegger’s Bagels. The place looked new on the inside and located in a new building. The workers were friendly. The bagel cost $1.29. It has toppings from top to bottom and tasted a little salty. On a scale of one-five stars, this place would have a three out of five stars.

 The last shop is Einstein Bros. Bagels, which has more organization. The bagel cost $1.49. When trying the everything bagel, it reminded me of Big Apple Bagels. This definitely would be the top place to get an everything bagel because it’s cheaper and tastes great. On a scale of one-five starts, this place would have five out of five stars.