It’s Taco Tuesday!

Which taco place will you choose for dinner tonight?

Morgan Pankiewicz, Staff Writer

Tacos are a very popular food around the United States and many other countries as well. There are many different varieties, flavors and types to order and try. To begin with, let’s try the chicken soft taco from three different places to see which one really comes out on top.

First, the regular chicken soft taco from Taco Bell. It came out to $2.29, the taco was pretty bland with only chicken, lettuce and cheese. The chicken ended up having a good flavor along with choosing from shredded or chunked chicken. There was a lot of lettuce and cheese. Taco Bells taco wasn’t warm and was pretty dull.

Next, the chicken soft taco from Salsarita’s. The price was $2.99 for the taco. It was the same as Taco Bell ingredient wise with lettuce and cheese. They offer an add anything where you can add anything to your taco with no fee. The photo had added tomato, onions and pico. The taco was also warm and it had a good flavor. 

Lastly, The chicken soft taco from Del Taco. The price came out to be $1.59, the cheapest of all three and it had the best flavor of them all. The taco came with mild ranch as well but it went on the side as seen in the photo. The chicken had a good flavor and was more full inside rather than Taco Bell. This taco was warm as well.

In Conclusion, it was surprising that the cheapest taco was the one with the most flavor and ingredients inside. It was cool that you can also add anything to your taco at Salsarita’s. Also, it was surprising that Taco Bell’s taco wasn’t as good as expected. It didn’t exactly have the worst flavor but it was boring in all.