Humans of Ike

Ana Julia Breves, Staff Writer

Photo courtesy Fabian Puta
“Some people usually think that I have an easy life with my dad [and] I got all daddy’s money and stuff; but no. Actually, he pays me every week—just like normal people I get paid whatever amount a week. I have to go to work, about 30 hours a week, so that’s Monday through Saturday with school,” senior Fabian Puta said. “My dad is the American dream. He lived the American dream. He came to America with just his underwear that he was wearing; he started working in the liquor store. He was doing that from probably six in the morning until two in the morning. After that, he did construction for almost 20 years. And then he opened up a 7-Eleven—that was the worst business; he hated it. So he shut that down and opened up the car business,” he said.” “I salute him, he’s my mentor; someone that I will look up to.”
Ana Julia Breves
“Something I’m most proud of is backpacking when I was twelve for four days in Tennessee because I was really young. I’m pretty proud of it because not many people go on vacation when they’re that young to carry heavyweight,” Hamrick said. “This makes me proud of myself because I was so young and I didn’t really want to go in the first place, but I ended up doing it and I had a good time. I’m really proud of pushing myself to do it even when I felt like I couldn’t do it myself.”