Eagles soar in Dakota game

Mens varsity basketball team prepares to take on the Dakota Cougars


Shooting the ball at the free throw-line, senior point guard Matteo Candela attempts to take the lead.“I was thinking that I got to make this shot,” he said. Ford won the game overall. Courtesy photo of eisenhowerathletics.org

Eagles soar into the Dakota game with a vengeance to win and reclaim victory over their cross-town rival. 

“We got to just go out, show hustle, get the ball and grind out during the game,” senior point guard Matteo Candela said.

Since Dakota is the team’s biggest rival, this game is crucial for the boys to win. After the blow out last year, they’re back and ready to reclaim victory over the Cougars. The game takes place on Jan. 14th at home, starting at 7 p.m.

With a recent win over Chippewa, the team prepares to take on Dakota. The boys work on their ball-handling and shooting skills in preparation for the Dakota lineup. 

“[I feel] more confident after the win against Chip (Chippewa Valley),” senior shooting guard Mitchell Muchajluk said, “but it will still be a tough game.”