Spanish student Speak exams

Spanish students prep for their speaking and written exams


As their speaking exam comes around the corner, sophomore Emily Holmes and Spanish teacher Kelly Warzin practice vocabulary words for the exam. “I’m hoping that we see positive results on the day of the test,” Warzin said. They complete a written,speaking and multiple choice exam. They complete a written,speaking and multiple choice exam. They complete a written,speaking and multiple choice exam. They complete a written,speaking and multiple choice exam.

Samantha L. Quartuccio, Staff Writer

Five students sit in a circle and wait to be addressed, Spanish students take their speaking and writing exam.

“I do think in a language class that it’s important we test you on all of your skills, so you guys are supposed to learn the four skills of speaking, reading, writing and listening,” Spanish teacher Kelly Warzin said.

On Jan. 10 and 13, the Spanish classes will take the first two parts of their exam—speaking exam and written exam—followed by a multiple choice exam.  

“I’m hopeful it pushes them to employ their skills and demonstrate their skills from all those days that they worked on different concepts,” Warzin said.

These exams test the students to see if they paid attention throughout the semester. Writing in a different language provides a challenge towards students, due to the grammar and remembering what each word is.

“It’s a lot of pressure. I don’t want my grade to drop; I’m trying to come up with a good way to study, like a quizlet,”sophomore Emily Holmes said. 

The students try to find a beneficial way to study and get in the practice they need, before the exams. Usually the district doesn’t have speaking exams, so this provides a different type of exam.

“I know if I study and practice really hard this week,” Holmes said, “I know I can do well on my exams.”