Teenagers numb to lyrics

Students decided to stop thinking and started taking life to the extremes and this trend needs to stop, no blurred lines.

Musicians used to have real craft ─ deep lyrics, artistically arranged instruments and a vision ─ but now lucrative lyrics are desensitizing teenagers. Listeners take the bait and chant questionable lyrics set to a fast-paced dubstep beat.

Somewhere along the way teenagers stopped dropping the bass and decided to drop our brains.

The harsh reality is that “Blurred Lines” isn’t just about taking a girl on a date. It’s about doing something that rhymes with hug me, even if she doesn’t want to ─ because apparently he knows she wants it. And “We Can’t Stop” isn’t just about dancing. It’s about ingesting a drug plastered all over the news for causing the death of ignorant teens.

Critics, mostly teens who crave the reckless culture glamorized in today’s lyrics, argue that it’s all fun and games and being young. But then again, they aren’t the victims of rape, overdose, or some other death trap glorified in music.

Teenagers became the ones who scream out “shots, shots, shots…” with reckless abandon. Teenagers became the ones who use words that used to be taboo a decade ago, like f***, in casual conversation.

Teenagers need to become the ones who stop and think.

There is a true story behind all of these lyrics students should not be embracing. No one is asking for teenagers to stop having fun, just be accountable for the lax and easy-going view people take toward serious things like drug use and sexual harassment.