Energy drink review

Jorge Franganillo

James Kearney, Online Writer

Nowadays, many sleep deprived students and need a little kick of energy, so it’s time to find out which drink can gives the best energy boost.

Monster energy is a balance of great taste and a big kick of energy. It helps get through long study nights or just surviving the day in the absence of a good night’s sleep. Monster also offers several different flavors and most of them provide the same energy boost for people who don’t enjoy the original flavor. Monster has a caffeine content of 160-200 mg depending on the product you purchased. One downside is the considerable caffeine crash when the drink finally wears off. Despite the energy crash, Monster can provide the motivation that many high school students need.

Rockstar energy was an underwhelming drink. The original flavor didn’t offer the same quality flavor Monster does and the drink has far fewer options. Rockstar’s regular products offer a similar caffeine content to Monster, including all the drawbacks. For those in need of even more energy, Rockstar offers products with high caffeine content for the true caffeine junkies. These drinks contain up to 240 mg of caffeine. For people looking at an easy way to get through the day, Rockstar’s high caffeine content makes it the perfect drink.

Lastly, Mountain Dew Kickstart, which is better or worse than the other brands depending on the consumer. Tastewise, Kickstart is by far the best drink out of the three. It doesn’t have very many flavors, but the flavors still offer the great taste of Mountain Dew with the added bonus of caffeine. For the people looking for a little boost but not a crazy energy spike, then kickstart is a great option. It has a caffeine content of around 92 mg. Kickstart is the drink for those who want quality flavor but don’t need tons of caffeine to go with it.   

In the end, I would say that Monster energy is better than Rockstar, kickstart can be better or worse depending on how much caffeine is needed.