Bean n Bubble cafe review


Taro bubble tea presented at Bean n Bubble cafe.

Kylee Zook, Staff Writer

Bean n Bubbles style gives off many spring vibes and makes your whole day feel better, due to their bright color choices, yet their bubble tea is the main reason to stop by.

Bean n Bubble is a very cute and small cafe located in Shelby Charter Twp., right off of Mound Rd. The atmosphere is humble and light. They have items ranging from healthier “Kind Bars” and “Skinny Pop Popcorn”, to junk food items such as donuts, cupcakes and ice cream sandwiches. A huge characteristic that comes into play is the smell, it smells wonderful inside, many are sold immediately and that’s agreeable.

Boba Tea, a.k.a Bubble Tea, is a very popular Taiwanese beverage that took the world by storm. Usually, the drink combines milk, black tea and chewy tapioca balls. Yet, at Bean n Bubble, there are varieties of Boba Tea which include the traditional Boba Tea, containing milk and tapioca pearls, or a fruiter option in which fruit jellies (filled with fruit juice, so they explode with flavor when chewed) and fruiter teas are used instead of milk. The many flavors Bean n Bubble has to offer includes strawberry, mango, banana, matcha and taro, while their fruit jelly options are strawberry, lychee stars, mango, kiwi, pomegranate and rainbow (mix of all fruit jellies).  Flavorwise, the tapioca balls are very sweet and super chewy, while the jelly options are much more bitter and taste exactly like the fruit they are based off of.

Ordering their Bubble Teas is a long process and wait, especially when they only have two people working at a time and having to choose between dairy or nondairy milk (which costs an extra $0.25), so make sure not to have any dairy allergies. All in all, their sizes are decent and the prices are very affordable, $3.99 for a medium and $4.99 for a large. It’s also an extra dollar for them to put ice and tea in a blender and press a button. Warning, get their bubble tea the traditional way, then go home and blend it yourself to save the extra dollar, you’re welcome.

Having had Bubble Tea many times before, mango is usually the go-to drink. Awful, horrid and mistake are acceptable words for Bean n Bubble’s mango fruit tea. After getting a taste of the fishy nothingness, deciding to go a different route when ordering was a good idea. The second time going back, their taro flavor, a popular root in Taiwan, was the way to go. Taro was much better, milky, smooth, fruity, tasted exactly like Captain Crunch cereal.

There’s a reason they call themselves Bean n Bubble. Bean because they sell coffee and bubble because of their Bubble Tea. Having gone into Bean n Bubble many times to try their  bubble tea, it gets gross and old. The coffee aspect makes it seem much more interesting and standable.

One of their best selling coffees include a chocolate coconut frappuccino, coco-mocha and their strawberry and creme frappe. The coco-mocha is their one coffee made with chocolate milk instead of white and a motherload of coconut. The coco-mocha is perfect to have if bubble tea isn’t quite doing the trick. They also have an overly sweet, strawberry and creme frappe made with fresh fruits. It’s supposedly a coffee, yet all you can taste is the bitterness and sourness of the strawberries. It’s perfect to say this drink is designed for a 7 year old who can’t yet have coffee, but wants to feel grown up.  

All in all, not too shabby. Right when you walk in, the workers are quick to greet you and are patient. Their bubble teas are unique and they also carry fun treats which are perfect for a hot summer day. On the other hand, not a huge success with the coffee, just stick to the bubble teas.

All together, Bean n Bubble gets a strong 8/10. While it’s not the healthiest option, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with indulging it once in a while.