Hot Snacks Review

Aidan Pendleton, Online Writer

When watching a movie, people can get pretty hungry and can crave some heat. These chips are perfect for when that time comes around.


Takis Fuego, rolled up tortilla chips, are not some to mess around with. As soon as it hits the tongue, it starts to burn with raging intensity. The lime and chili spice mix is very hot and within seconds of chewing, body temperature rises incredibly fast. The face gets flushed with redness and breathing rate increases. The chips themselves were delicious. They had everything a spice lover could want: spiciness, amazing chili lime flavor and a lot of chips per bag. All aspects of the chip explodes on contact, leaving the consumer shocked by the instant heat. These are recommended for only the most experienced of spice eaters. Each big bag of Takis has about 9.9 ounces in it with 12 servings, each being 250 calories, and costs about $4.50. Overall, Takis Fuego earns a 4/5 stars.


Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are a great snack if you’re craving a small amount of heat. Flamin Hot Cheetos offers a good balance of crunch and heat while also adding a tremendous amount of flavor to the mix. These are my favorite snack when hanging out on the couch. No milk is needed while eating this milder snack; the heat isn’t enough to burn. This snack is great for sports occasions because almost anyone can eat them without having their mouth burn. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are for sale at most convenient stores and most grocery stores around the world. This product is definitely the most mild out of the three products. Each small bag is around $1.89. The serving size is around 21 Cheetos with 170 calories per serving. Overall, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos earns a 3/5 stars.


Doritos Blaze are quite a rude awakening when not prepared for the heat. They provide an extreme amount of heat upon consumption. Eating these is like licking a volcano, just like the bag promises. Definitely come ready with milk when preparing to eat them. The heat almost masks all of the nacho cheese flavor of the chip, but they’re not exactly meant for flavor. They’re more meant for the spiciness they have. The spice is enough to satisfy your spiciness craving, and then some. Each serving is 12 chips which is definitely enough heat for one serving plus there’s 140 calories per serving of chips. The best size to get is just the small bag because any more than a small bag would be too much heat for anyone. Overall, Blaze Doritos earns 4/5 stars.