World war water


Kennedy Rusicka, Staff writer

When it rains, it pours.

This year’s water wars has been one of car accidents, property damage and police calls. There has been a set list of rules but they have proven to be not enough to stop these disturbances from happening.

Ever since water wars has started this year, it has been problematic. Feuds have broken out and people are complaining. The students have shown that they are not mature enough to  handle a competition like this. Adults should be involved in the regulation of it, or at least the revision of the rules.

There should be consequences to breaking the rules. When the players don’t feel there are actual repercussions to their actions in the game, they will disregard all rules and apparently laws.

It’s one last game with their classmates but it shouldn’t be their last game living. Safety should be a priority and if people’s property or lives are in jeopardy then the game should be stopped.

Water wars is a beloved senior tradition and should be preserved and reformed to ensure the safety of the participants and bystanders. The incidents of this year should just be a drop in the ocean.