Students award money in art scholarships

Talents come in varying forms and to have a tremendous talent and be rewarded for it is a great accomplishment.

   Several students in the art department have received scholarships from the College of Creative Studies, totaling $360,000. The students received these scholarships from the College of Creative Studies.


“I was really happy about receiving the scholarship because it was unexpected I did not realize that I was up for a scholarship so it was exciting and unexpected “ senior Anna Messina said.

Messina received a $45,000 dollar scholarship from the College of Creative Studies. Messina has decided to attend Columbia College in Chicago because she felt Colombia would a better fit for her personally and her area of study.


“I was overwhelmed and amazed. I could not believe the scholarship I received . It is satisfying to know my academic work paid off in helping me through my artistic pathway” said  senior Matt Clark.

Clark received an $88,000 scholarship and has decided to attend to attend the College of Creative Studies and is currently enrolled in their Illustration program.


“It was honestly insane getting the scholarship when I read the letter my mom started crying and I did too” said senior  Diana Demey.

Demey will be attending the College for Creative Studies because of her scholarship and liking the campus and staff.  She will be studying Photography at CCS.


Messina, Demey and Clark all had Mrs. Duria and Ms. Ramirez as their art teacheEd. The amount  of money students in the art department received really showcases the strength of the art department teachers and the strength of the students that make up the art department.