Students voice opinion on lanyards

Jenna Parsons, Staff writer


“I’m wearing my lanyard because the school is trying to make us safe and although some people don’t believe that it does make you safer, I believe it does,” sophomore Elena Putrus said.




“I don’t like the lanyards because anyone can wear a lanyard and pretend they go here and I don’t think it’s gonna help prevent anything from happening,” senior Alivia Miriani said.

“I am wearing the lanyard it shows that you are ready to be part of a community and maybe it feels annoying for you to put on every day. But it shows that you’re willing to contribute and if everyone does it it will help us stay safe,” sophomore Gladys Godly said.

“I think a lanyard is a waste of my time and it’s very uncomfortable to wear on. I think it’s really dumb because it’s not going to prevent anything from happening,” senior AnnMarie Romano said.