Lanyards ensure Safety

Jenna Parsons, Staff Writer

In the days of school shootings and acts of violence, safety of American students becomes a top priority.

The requirement to wear ID’s came down from UCS administration months ago, but yet some students refuse to get on board they should. To assist in school security and safety, students should be required to wear their student ID’s around their neck. ID’s ensure only people who are supposed to be in the building are, which will keep students safe, according to Principal Jared McEvoy.

 Allowing emergency personnel to identify people who need help would assist in emergency situations, according to If someone became sick and was passed out on the floor or significantly injured they could easily be identified with their ID and receive the help they need.


Some people may argue students should not be required to have their ID’s. They say it’s an invasion of students’ privacy. However, the only thing people are able to find out about you from your ID is your name, what you look like, where you go to school and your grade.  The security officers in the building know all of this information already-and so do your peers.

Wearing an ID around your neck won’t prevent all crimes from happening,  but it could decrease them by preventing students who attend the school from doing anything harmful to another student. Not only that, but if a student commits a harmful crime, administrators could easily identify them quickly and lower the damage. Not only will wearing ID’s help identify a student who did something wrong, but it could help identify witnesses.


In the end, students should get on board with wearing their ID’s to protect themselves and others. Students’ lives are the most important thing to the administration, teachers,  parents and should be to ourselves.

Wearing an ID may seem like a burden, but ask yourself isn’t your safety worth the “burden?”

So, students, just know you may not like them; but wearing ID’s will protect everyone’s safety and could save a life.