Future Generation getting involved


Jessica Barjuca

The Lincoln Memorial located in Washington D.C.

Jessica Barjuca, Page Leader

Politics is a controversial topic teens usually keep away from, but now the country needs the future voting generation to become aware.

In this generation we are seeing more and more news of the government and politics on social media. Teens should be getting more involved in these topics as they are affecting their lives or soon will. There are many issues teens can give their opinion on and should.

An argument a lot of teens use is if it doesn’t affect them, why should they care? Well, pretty soon most teens will be able to vote and then politics will affect them. Soon they will need to pay taxes or need grants and loans from the government. Teens need to understand the basic issues so they can make a vote on what is best for their country.

There are additional issues in the government today that affects teens. For example, school funding is an issue that many students complain about, which is heavily due to the reason that the state government does not give enough funding to help schools.

Teens can call their representative to discuss problems that they feel strongly about or can go to protest that value their viewpoints.

Young people should be more involved because soon the problems of the older generations will be handed down to them. This generation is the future and the future doesn’t look so bright if teens “don’t care” about politics.  

There are many ways to get involved in your future so, don’t just sit back. Go out and make a difference.