Sledding hills review

James Kearney, Staff Writer

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During winter it can be hard to find stuff to do, but these sledding hills can provide an icy good time.

The closest and most well-known sledding hills are the ones at Stony Creek. The hills there are steep and fun. However, they are also very busy so make sure to to be careful to not hit anyone on the way down. They have a regular sledding hill as well as a dedicated toboggan hill.

Another place in the area is Columbus County Park. The park is affordable and has a heated lodge building. The sledding hill is split in two: one side for little kids and the other for more experienced sledders. The hill is designed for safety so there is no need to worry about hitting anyone on the way down.

For a more risky option try the Civic Center Park. They are less concerned with safety and comfort and more focused on fun. Their sledding hill is very wide and steep. Going with a group is a good choice. However, there is no trail with barriers to go back up the hill. Avoid going here on a busy day or it will be a free-for-all of kids flying down the hill.

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