Regifting, a useful pratice

Jenna Sielagoski, Staff Writer

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While digging around in a room, you stumble upon an old gift with the tag still attached. The scarf isn’t particularly your style but you know the cheetah print will certainly please your Aunt Stephanie. The magic of regifting can save you some money and finally clear away some of those unused and unopened presents lying around.

The holiday season is a time where buying gifts can get quite expensive. Regifting is a solution that not only saves money but also brings joy to someone else. It also reduces shopping trips for those who are not particularly fond of holiday spending.

This holiday season, shoppers will spend an average of $992 on gifts, according to surveys from A great way to save money is by giving a gift no longer wanted to someone else for little to no cost.

Unwanted presents each holiday can easily build up and clutter spaces around the house. That vase without a gift receipt in the basement collecting dust would be a great option for a friend who stops by during the holidays.

Throwing gifts away is a waste. If, for example, the vase can be appreciated by someone else, isn’t that a better use of resources? Many people see regifting as a form of recycling, which accounts for its growing popularity in recent years.

These unwanted presents can be thrown out, donated to charity, or stuffed somewhere in the house. These choices may be more appealing to some people but if a friend or relative would enjoy the gift, there should be no problem giving it to him or her. Gift givers would much rather see their present being used by someone rather than to see it on the curb or forgotten in a closet.                                                                                                                  

Some people might say giving presents should be meaningful, but regifting can be personal and just as meaningful with the right judgement. 76% of Americans think regifting is totally okayas long as the regifter is smart about how to do it, according to an American Express survey.

A good “re-gifter” requires the same skills as a good gift giver. Knowing social circles, clean packaging, and not regifting personal items, people agree should be kept in mind when giving a present.

People need to consider regifting, especially during the busy holiday season. Regifting is a creative way to save money, give meaningful gifts, and clear away some of the space unwanted presents take up.

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