High School Musical cast chosen


Students start rehearsing for the musical next Monday, Dec 17. This will be senior Sarah Agrusa’s third musical and junior Rei Morina-Ago’s second.

Anna Lippert, Staff Writer

The cast of the annual musical is set to bop to the top.

The High School Musical cast list was sent out and the leads were chosen Friday, Dec. 7.

Senior Sarah Agrusa will play the role of Gabriella Montez and junior Rei Morina-Ago will portray Troy Bolton.

“Gabriella observes everything around her before she decides where she wants to fit in in school,” Agrusa said.  “I can relate to my character on how she wants to make sure she’s comfortable and makes good friends.”

Auditions for the musical consisted of a singing part and dancing number.  The finalists were chosen for call backs and asked to perform more songs and read lines.

“Everything about audition week was nerve wracking,” Morina-Ago said.  “I was listening to “Breaking Free” driving around my neighborhood and hit a mailbox—the mailbox really broke free.”

The cast consists of 150 students are all in this together to make this show the best it can be.

“I hope I can portray Gabriella a new and exciting way,” Agrusa said.  “I am trying to find my own way to sing her songs. I don’t want to sound exactly like the movie. I want to bring my own personal touch in making her come alive.”

The annual musical takes place the first weekend of March.  

“For a good show to happen, you need strong leads,” Morina-Ago said.  “I am glad the directors chose me for the job.”