Spirits days are back!

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Spirits days are back!

Amanda Davis, Staff Writer

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Ike celebrates Christmas themed spirit week for toys for tots.

A Christmas themed spirit week was planned to get students ready for the toys for tots telethon and fundraiser.

Each day had a different theme including Christmas morning Monday where students wore pjs, telethon Tuesday in which students wore red and green, winter wonderland Wednesday where students wore white, classic Christmas Thursday students wore Santa/elf hats, ugly sweaters, and/or fuzzy socks, and Santa’s lil eagles Friday people wore Ike appeal.

“I had participated in spirit days because I really like the Christmas season and my friends were also dressing up,” junior Sophia Singos said.

These events get students involved in school and the Christmas spirit. They bring special activities to celebrate the nearing of the holidays and seasonal affairs, and let students do something more than just their normal daily schedules.

“I like spirit days because they are a good way to get the school to participate in things together and are also a good way to get everyone aware of what it’s for, like this week which is for toys for tots” junior grader Molly Ison said.

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