Colleges visit school


Colleges visit the school to tell students about their university. The poster above shows the days of when colleges visit.

David Rider, Staff Writer

“Where do you want to go to school? What do you want to do with your life after high school? What do you want to major in?”

Students hear these questions as early as seventh grade. The school organized college visits to help answer them.

“It gave me some ideas,” senior Austin Fite said. “I’m keeping an open mind about it.”

Various colleges visit the school and talk to students about their programs. Students must sign up through 24 hours prior to the visit in order to attend the meeting, most of which take place in the ECC. Other locations include the media center and the counseling office. When students register for the visits it will say where you will be meeting on Naviance.

“The college visits are primarily for 11th graders, because by 12th grade you should already have an idea of where you going,” counselor Josana Stice said. “But the reality is that you should start looking at schools in 10th grade.”