Homecoming: a night to do you

Jessica Barjuca, Staff Writer

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Spending time shopping for an expensive outfit worn once, fixing hair and makeup to perfection, standing too close dancing, dripping sweat falls to the floor. This is a high school homecoming dance.

Some students say it’s worth it. But is it really?

Preparing for homecoming causes stress. What if you don’t have a date? What if you and your date have different friends? What if you break up before the dance? What if your makeup isn’t done the way you wanted? What if your hair doesn’t hold up the whole night?

The stress of a perfect night is not worth it for just a couple hours of fun.

Not to mention, the stress continues at the dance itself for some. People might not be into the idea of leaving their comfort zone and being social. Students also might not enjoy the music, because they like a certain genre.

To be honest, sweaty teenagers dancing around like crazy just doesn’t sound fun.

There are students who enjoy going to the dance. It can be a magical night filled with dancing and hanging out with your best friends. But let’s face it, you can do that at home, too—around a bonfire in comfortable clothes.

The homecoming dance isn’t for everyone—and that’s okay. So chill at home, binge watch your favorite show and enjoy the night by yourself;  it’s all right.

Do what you want to do and don’t let other people force you into going to a dance if you’d rather stay home.

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