Maluma concert

Jessica Barjuca, Staff Writer

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On a moving platform, singer Maluma sang his heartbreaking song, “Marinero” as the flashing lights of the audiences’ phones lit up the small Allstate Arena.

The lines were not long and it was easy to get into the stadium, which was convenient. Maluma came out after an hour-long wait and started with his song “23” and went on to perform his newest hits: “El Prestamo”, “Corazon”, “GPS”; and some of his old songs such as: “Borro Cassette”, “El Perdedor”, “Sin Contrato”, “Carnaval”. He finished off his impressive performance with his hit song “Felices los 4.”

The show didn’t have an opening act or intermission. Even with the small breaks Maluma took he was extremely energetic while performing, which hyped up the crowd. He also didn’t make the crowd sing, but was still immensely involved by asking the crowd to dance and clap, which kept them hooked to his amazing performance.

The atmosphere was electric and the music was clear. His vocals were on point and sounded better live, which was a surprise and he didn’t lip sync, like many artists do. Every high note executed sounded very angelic and the crowd showed admiration by screaming and clapping.

He danced extremely well and went on a machine that circled up high around the stadium. His dancing showed excellent rhythm and a nice Latin spice. The only problem was his dancers had no skill and little rhythm.

One thing no one could miss were his various expensive looking outfits, which stood out mostly because of the flashiness and how stylish he looked. He changed about five times during the performance. Towards the end, he surprised the crowd by taking his shirt off, which no one seemed to complain about.

The fans rose from their seats as they clapped and cheered after witnessing a wonderful performance performed by the reggaeton singer.

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