School strengthens security

Anna Schmidt, Webmaster

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In order to ensure school safety, after another national school tragedy, rules are being reinforced and changes are taking place locally and within UCS.
“I would hope and want students to know that they should feel comfortable coming here,” principal Jared McEvoy said.
Changes to the building include: a lower number of doors to enter and exit the building and signs to indicate which doors to use; a uniformed Shelby Township police officer in the building after spring break; and in the event of a lockdown, the ALICE (Alert. Lockdown. Inform. Counter. Evacuate) program is in place. All classes will have a choice on how to best approach an attack.
“Our priority, aside from teaching and learning, is always safety. That’s always at the forefront,” McEvoy said.
Any perceived threats made to the school will end in arrest and possibly a 20-year felony, according to Jim Malczewski, the Director of the Police Youth Bureau. When a senior student was overheard making potential threatening comments, although implied as a joke, the Shelby Township police were contacted. The Macomb County Prosecutors’ office charged him with making terrorist threats or false report of terrorism, according to the Shelby Township Police Department.
“You are young men and women and you can be, and will be, held accountable for things that you may say that are deemed inappropriate,” McEvoy said.
In an attempt to bring about change with school safety, March 14 was dedicated to remember those who fell victim to school shootings and demonstrate unity for school safety and against school violence. Students had the option to participate in a walkout, a letter writing session to various government officials or stay in class.
“I’m glad we had the walkout,” sophomore Sam Ludwig said. “It was a good way for students to make a change peacefully.”

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School strengthens security