Band performs winter concert


Jordan LaFeir

Students perform at Winter Band Concert.

Teresa Martinez, Staff Writer

A night of new experiences, new audience and new members, and the winter band concert spread holiday cheer.

“Anytime you have almost 200 kids in one location, eight percent of the school, to perform, it makes it very logistically tough; but the kids are all extremely well behaved and know what their expectations are and it all just comes together. It’s super fun, there’s no drama or anything; they just know how to get the job done,” band director Christopher Traskal said.

The concert took place on Nov. 30 in the Performance Art Center at 7 p.m. The three band classes practiced during their hours and some students stayed after school for individual practice sessions a few times a month through September and October.

“I really enjoyed it; was a really good experience. We had a lot of performance time and it was all pretty well,” sophomore Marissa Brusca said. “It’s actually something that nothing else can really give you that same experience, other than being a part of the band.”