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Should students feel pressured to move away for college?

Keegan Snow, Staff writer

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For most students, their whole childhood they are so excited to be an “adult” and graduate high school. Young kids dream of the day they will be moved out of their parents’ house and free to do whatever they want.

Except, it seems that nowadays more and more kids aren’t as eager to move out. They’re staying at home and going to community college.

Students could choose to stay home for many different reasons: finances, ties to family members, jobs. It really depends on the student.

Many young students find themselves feeling overwhelmed and in debt when they leave for college, so they could choose to stay home for a bit to save money before they’re gone.

Just because a student chooses not to move away right when they graduate, some students just want to go to community college for a year or two in order to get some of their credits completed. They will then transfer their credits to a university, which is a great option for students looking to save money.

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Should students feel pressured to move away for college?