Calling all seniors

Lauren Harris, Associate Editor-in-Chief

Calling all seniors.

This year the film department will continue with the tradition of a senior video. The class video will include pictures and videos for students to relive their high school experience.

“Every senior needs to be incorporated in the video, but that requires seniors to actually send in the photos they want to be featured,” film club member senior Alisha Newsom said.

Newsom is leading this project and needs help gathering materials for the video.

“There’s always a way to get me what you want in the video. Just make sure they’re school appropriate,” Newsom said.

Content can be emailed by students or parents to [email protected]. Twitter users can direct message content to @ikeseniorvid17. The last way to submit pictures or contact Newsom is in room 310 during 4th hour. The video can be ordered for $10.

“If I don’t receive something from you, then I will come track you down,” Newsom said. “Everyone should be in this video.”