Upcoming events for student council

Ryley Chinn, Staff Writer

Student Council takes no days off during the school year.

“We are really busy, because we have many of end of the year events to plan,” StuCo senior Georgia Densmore said.

StuCo is closing out the year with a few final events. They’re preparing for the second annual Freshman Fly up. The fly up invites the freshmen class from Malow and Shelby for a first hand experience of high school life.

“Freshmen get a welcoming assembly from juniors and seniors and tour the school,” Student Council president senior Danielle Anthes said.

Senior Sunset is another annual event Student Council plans. The event is strictly for seniors. Each year the seniors watch the sunset and hear mock election results.

“The Senior Sunset is a great time. We get our yearbooks, watch a movie and watch the sun go down,” student council member senior Simona Dimovski said.

Student Council works hard everyday to make upcoming events memorable and fun events.