Pineapple pizza cuts debate

School votes slightly against pineapple



Pineapple and pizza are a match made in heaven—no doubt about it.
Sure, some people aren’t open to jumping out of their comfort zone and testing the pineapple pizza waters, because it seems “gross” or “random;” but they’re missing out if they don’t give it a chance.
Frankly, some people don’t opt to try it. In the midst of this widespread, heated debate lies straight-up fact: pineapple on pizza is a great combination.
Stop saying “Ew! That sounds weird!” It’s not. The unlikely pair compliments each other perfectly. There’s so much to love about this unique pizza. It is comprised of a sweet and savory taste, which combines deliciously.
To some, it may seem too random to try; but it’s worth it. The sweet, baked pineapple creates a tasty contrast with the mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. Adding ham is common, which is also sweet, yet savory. Many elements come together to make this high-quality tropical pizza.
Not to mention, pineapple pizza feels tropical. Here in Michigan, the weather always switches up. But Hawaiian pizza is always there for comfort when the weather’s unpredictable.
Sometimes regular cheese and pepperoni becomes boring and it’s necessary to expand the pizza horizons. Hawaiian pizza is the perfect candidate to switch it up.
It’s innovative. It’s unique. It’s lovable. It’s iconic.



Pineapple. Oh, sweet pineapple. So delicious, yet people ruin the mouthwatering taste by making it a pizza topping.
The random topic sparked a massive debate on social media. Twitter users engage in heated arguments over the topic and polls run to see a consensus.
No such luck.
Why can’t we all agree? Pineapple DOES NOT belong on pizza.
First: pizza should be savory, not sweet.
Second: it’s nasty.
Biting into a slice of fresh oven baked pizza, should taste like heaven. Rich flavors of Italy should cover tastebuds.
Tomato sauce, pepperoni and gooey mozzarella remain essentials for great pizza.
Adding pineapple to this savory sensation makes no sense. The fruit’s sweetness distracts from what is really important: the mouthwatering, Italian taste.
Hawaiian pizza is wrong. So many people swear it’s delicious, but its appeal just isn’t there. Mixing ham, cheese, tomato sauce and pineapple is random.
Now, it’s understandable some people might want to switch up their topping choices, but try adding pesto or vinaigrette— stick to something commonly used in Italian cuisine.
Anything, but pineapple.
The frenzy and international debate over this is just crazy and the discussion shouldn’t even exist in the first place.
Pineapple is #NotMyPizzaTopping.