Before spring break hits

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Before spring break hits

Alisha Newsom, Staff Writer

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There are only a couple more hours until many seniors will be on warm sandy beaches. Here are a few helpful hints, from recent graduates, that will make your trip to Maya, or anyplace warm, the best!

Question : What is an absolute necessity that you can’t forget to bring on spring break?

Alex Mariani (’16) : A necessity that you must make sure to bring is sunscreen! It is not fun getting sunburnt.

David Lester (’16) : You must have your GoPro strapped and ready! Also wear your favorite Mexican poncho (if going to Mexico).

Alex Aboona (’16) : Sunglasses and swim shorts.

Q : What’s the best part about senior year spring break, regardless of where you’re going?

Mariani : The amazing memories you make with your friends that you will carry for the rest of your life. I look back at that trip and am reminded of what an amazing time I had with my best friends.

Aboona :  Enjoy every moment of everyday with your friends on vacation because it really is the last time you’ll actually bond with all of them.

Q : Do you have any words of advice to the seniors on their last spring break of high school?

Mariani : Enjoy it and live it up, but do not make decisions you will regret later. Meet as many people as you can and just have fun.

Lester : Try and make a Maya trip video that will surpass mine.

Aboona : Stay away from the pool water, and don’t drink it, you may die.

Q : For anyone going to Maya, what is the best food item to enjoy while you’re there?

Mariani : I recommend going to the restaurant named Caribe, it had amazing steak.

Lester : The best food was the donut buffet!

Be sure to capture all of the memories and stay safe on spring break!

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