Society constrains potential

Faith Ferguson, Staff Writer

“You can’t do all that. It’s too much.”

“Taking advanced classes, working a job, playing in multiple sports, spending time with friends, being a part of clubs can’t all be done. You have to pick only a couple things.”


Why can’t one be in as many sports or clubs as they want?

Why do others have to limit them simply because it’s just “too much”?  

If you can handle what you are doing then why should you have to change it?

No doubt about it, some aspects of life are going to suffer if more activities are taken on.

For instance: if you take all advanced classes, but still participate in a club or sport, less sleep is probable. Or perhaps you can’t be nominated as the president of your club, because you didn’t have time to write the essay needed for application.

If you are okay with the consequences, where’s the problem?

Kids are told to: do whatever the heart desires, squeeze everything they can out of life, have fun, live it up and do what makes them happy. But at the same time they’re told: not to  overwhelm themselves, not take too much on and to pick one— not the other.

So which is it?

Live life to the fullest, even if it may come at a price?

Or hold back on doing everything you want, because someone else thinks it’s too much?

The answer seems simple.

If you’re comfortable with the consequences and still want to do what you desire— go ahead. Keep on keepin on.

You know yourself better than anyone else does.

What makes others the judge of what you can and cannot handle?  

Whenever you feel like the world is against you, remember why you are doing what you’re doing.

Put your head down and trudge forward, because if you follow your heart you can never go wrong.