Love Yourself More and Hate Less

Victoria Brosch, Staff writer/Copy editor


Regardless of status, everyone experiences days where they just don’t like what they see in the mirror.

Sometimes the feeling is temporary.

Sometimes it’s a constant thought gnawing at the back of someone’s mind.

Either way, it’s a dimly lit road every person travels down.

The belief someone must look a distinct way to appeal to certain demographics is absurd. Why should anyone feel like they’re less worthy compared to others, just for being who they are?

Constant check-ups of approval is a dangerous thing to seek— especially since every person possesses the ability to be impressionable.

Some argue that everyone has different taste in what they find attractive. That may be true, but there’s a difference between a harmless opinion and being hurtful towards others. Plenty of boundaries exist between simple preference and shaming.

Stepping away from toxic attitudes and an addictive desire to tear yourself down is difficult, but it is doable. An important lesson to learn is the only person people should strive to look like is themselves.

The only approval anyone should seek about personal appearance is that of themselves.