Minuscule high school

Grace Kulin, Editor-in-chief

Walking alone in the hallway with headphones in and hoping no one notices. Watching everyone gather in their groups at lunch tables in the commons. Feeling like one doesn’t belong in a 2,000 student school.

How is it possible not to have a group to hang out with between classes?

For some, the concern of just looking like they have friends is greater than actually having friends. The glares received in the hallways while alone are worse than sitting at home on a Friday night. And four years of watching a once dear friend grow closer and closer to another person isn’t easy.

What went wrong? When will high school be over? Will college be any better?

The worry and sadness associated with a lack of a clique is not easy to deal with. But what these students need to remember is: things get better.

And things can get better right now. Talk to that person sitting behind you in science class— maybe you have more in common than you think. Join a club you have any interest in— you may love it. Reach out to a friend from elementary school— maybe you really haven’t grown as far apart.

Maybe that isn’t working. There are only 2,000 people here, so there may not be someone who’s a great friend fit. Many colleges have at least 20,000 students, so that means you’re 10 times more likely to find a friend there.

High school is just 5 percent of life and so is college. Most people maintain connections with one, maybe three, high school pals— so don’t sweat it. There are still people to meet and develop relationships with.

It’s great to have friends at school to go to dances or sports games with, but it’s important to remember life will go on with none, or just one.

High school doesn’t define you. High school is four years of constant change.

Someone you thought would be a dear friend forever may be unrecognizable after a year— and that needs to be accepted. Not everyone in your life is permanent and that’s okay.

Soon the cringe-worthy moments of high school will be a blur. You’ll be walking across your college campus talking with friends of three months and feel like you’ve known for a lifetime.

There’s friends waiting. You’ll find them.