Spanish club starts again

Ryley Chinn and Staff Writer

Spanish club adviser Kelly Warzin talks what to expect this year.

How can students sign up for spanish club?

Warzin: You have to see your teacher. The fee for the whole year is $10.

Are there any upcoming events for spanish club?

Warzin: “Si,” we are having a field day for all language clubs after school on Oct. 4, which students will compete in fun activities like; sack races, tug-of-war, and egg toss. There will be food after and students are to where the colors of their classes flag. It will be a great time.”

What days does Spanish club meet and what time?

Warzin: We meet once a week and we meet right after school.

Will spanish club help students get a better respect for the spanish language?

Warzin: I think spanish club is about camaraderie and getting together and having fun. Getting better at spanish is not the main focus in Spanish club.

What benefits do students get from joining spanish club?

Warzin: So many benefits. Meeting new friends, having fun, taste of the Spanish culture, and just learning the Spanish language.