New SAT preparation insight

Mackenzie Gurne, Associate Editor

The newly revised SAT is distributed on Apr. 12 and all juniors are required to take it. The modern SAT is unique from the original SAT created due to the testing date, format of the exam and the content. To grasp how students are adapting to the change, juniors Zach Pickell and Alec Socha share their study preparations and thoughts on how to tackle this exam.


Some report that the updated SAT is harder than the previous one, while others describe it as easier than the last one. How have you been preparing this double-sided exam?

Zach: “I have been taking the practice test that is available on the college board website.”

Alec: I have been reviewing grammar and some practice English tests over the last few months. I also have been taking the various practice tests online and seeing what I did wrong to help me improve.”

Do you have any good luck superstitions?

Zach: “My good luck routine is my theory of ‘dress nice test nice.’”

Studies say that in order to perform well, you have to start the day off with a hearty breakfast and receive enough sleep. What do you plan on eating the morning of and how many Zzzz’s do you plan on clocking in?

Zach: “I’m going to eat eggs and toast tomorrow and try for around seven hours of sleep.”

Alec: “I have been eating foods that stop my stress and I plan on sleeping a lot.”

How do you think you will perform on it?

Zach: “I think I will do pretty well on it because I’ve studied a lot for it.”