Powderbuff serves second tournament

Justin Berryman, Staff writer

A tone of excitement floats in the air, music booms throughout the gym and onlookers watch the 10 teams participating in the second annual powderbuff tournament.

Starting with the gym arrangements, senior Derek Hentkowski expanded the scale of powderbuff in comparison to last year. Exchanging one net and four teams, for two nets with 10 teams. Hentkowski gained inspiration for the event after a trip to a regional student council conference.

“I’m proud of how many people signed up and the turn out from the crowd. And I’m proud of all the volleyball players who came and helped and all of the student council members who helped as well,” he said.

Despite the final game cut short due to time constraints, the winning team of seniors including: Jacob Campbell, Tyler Jacobs, Brendan Kuczera, Jake Oyster, Kyle Tinnion and Anthony Warner took home a prize of $12 Buffalo Wild Wings gift cards for each team member and bragging rights.

“It was so much fun, especially winning,” Oyster said. “Just hanging out with my friends.”