Hall takes action

Lauren Harris, Staff writer

Compassion. One word. One girl on a mission.

“Project Unify is designated to work with students with special needs, so they have just as great of a high school experience as everyone,” Project Unify leader senior Sophia Hall said.

Hall joined the club in her junior year, because she felt every person deserves to be treated fairly. The club often throws parties and dodgeball games for the students, in the Life Centered Career Education (LCCE) program. Members also participated in a “Stop the R Word” campaign, which encourages everyone to stop using the word retarded offensively. Since the campaign was effective, it continued into the 2016 school year.

“All the wonderful special education kids inspired me. It is important to me, because my life is surrounded by these kids. A specific memory I have is prom. It’s super fun and all the kids love it. I have more fun there than at homecoming, because we’re dancing and making sure everyone is having the time of their lives,” Hall said.

With the multiple parties and game days, Hall ensures the club maintains a source of income, making the events possible. The fundraisers help provide money for the LCCE prom the members throw at the end of the school year.

“We are here to make other lives as amazing as possible and I believe this club is doing a wonderful job at it,” Hall said.

Hall spends her free time supporting the LCCE students at after school events. She traveled to Special Olympics and hockey games, where LCCE junior Ethan Williams was named honorary captain. Hall’s devotion to the LCCE students represents her drive to unify the hallways.

“We all go through school and endure many things,” Hall said. “But we look at the LCCE students and are inspired.”