Sophomores serenade at Arts and Idols

Sophmore Carly Mckay, in addition to many other choir students at Ike, tried out for the vocal competition at Arts and Idols earlier in the year, in the hopes of being in the running for a scholarship, awarded by the program.

Only two out of those who tried out were selected to join the competition, Mckay and sophmore Lindsay Williams. Last week, at the gala, both girls delivered their performance. Mckay sang “I Dreamed A Dream” from Les Miserables.

Mckay didn’t secure the scholarship, as she had hoped, but she came in second place at the gala, held at Palazzo Grande.

“Sure I didn’t win, but I’m still extremely proud of how I performed and I’m glad I got to go because it was a really fun night full of amazing talent,” Mckay said.