Students win tickets and gift cards through twitter

The seniors last week of high school had a little something extra to it– four days of giveaways. From May 27 through May 30, every student had a chance to win either concert tickets or iTunes gift cards by retweeting or commenting on @ikeeaglesnews tweets.

    “We got the idea through FHNtoday, a twitter account run by a group of high school students in Missouri and we noticed that they were doing four weeks of winning,” publications advisor Erica Kincannon said. “We really liked the idea and thought it would be a great way to drive traffic to our account. We received 75 new followers on the first day of giveaways, which is outstanding.”

    The first day of giveaways, consisting of two Vans Warped Tour tickets,  was won by senior Kelsey Coleman. The second day, giving away a free 25 dollar iTunes gift card, was won by sophomore Henry Stalnaker. The third day, with a prize of two tickets to Fall Out Boy and Paramore, was won by sophomore Erin Kulik and senior Vanessa LaRocca. The final day, with another set of Vans Warped Tour tickets, was won by senior Savannah Gaulin.

    “We got the concert tickets through an organization called Moxie Communications Group,” Kincannon said. “Publications has been working with them for about five years now and they are always extremely generous and helpful.”