Rosie Giolitti is a very polite, kindhearted, headstrong girl. She loves to spend her time running around her house singing at the top of lungs, writing her thoughts down on paper, and hanging out with her friends. As she gets further into the newspaper class, she hopes to eventually become one of the editors where she can help to improvise the Eagles Eyes. But, she wouldn’t mind the position of a designer so that way she can make the paper seem a bit more perfect than it already is. What she is most looking forward to while taking this class is simply the overall experience and the ability to say that she was able to help someone at Eisenhower. She is also really looking forward to sharing her opinions and passions to her classmates along with writing them down and sharing them to everyone else at the school. She expects this year to be great for the newspaper and is more than happy to be a part of the team!

Rosie Giolitti, Staff Writer

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Rosie Giolitti