Alcohol abuse rises at grad parties

Nicholas Tomayko, Staff Writer

May 5, 2014

Last year, 56 percent of teens reported their last use of alcohol occurred in someone else’s home, according to Students Against Destructive Decisions. “It’s surprising how many parents enable students to have these graduation...

Summer job debate

Chelsea Thayer and Abbie Swidorski

May 2, 2014

Keep busy through summer Summer offers an opportunity for students to keep their mind active, stay organized and learn new knowledge they wouldn’t gain from a traditional summer. No, not with summer school, but rather a sum...

Promposals outshine prom

Christian Kennedy, Business Manager

April 23, 2014

“If my boyfriend doesn’t ask me to prom in a big way, I’m not going with him.” It’s heard every year around the hallways of high schools across America. Prom is a special night in any young persons’ life. It represent...

Spring breakdown

Lexie Brimmeier and Christian Kennedy

April 14, 2014

Partying the night away with friends, drinking irresponsibly until the sun comes up, relieving all the stress from school. This may sound like the perfect spring break, but it comes with consequences. Most students focus on the...

Unperks of Being Ordinary

Sarah Bratton, Editor

March 24, 2014

Teens must publish a novel, be fluent in multiple languages, visit all seven continents, be an Olympian, stop world hunger and be involved with every single school club to gain college acceptance. Not literally, but it certainly f...

Spring breakdown

Christian Kennedy and Lexie Brimmeier

March 24, 2014

PRO Waist-deep in cool, chlorinated water, pina coloda (virgin, of course) in hand, surrounded by close friends with their smiles shining brighter than the sun. It is a right of passage that students earn after four years of...

Modern mindset brainwashes students

Chelsea Thayer, Editor

March 24, 2014

Students become stuck in a revolving door of conformity, trapped in a bubble of media and celebrities’ thoughts and views. It’s the stereotypical high school past time-students doing everything in their power to fit in with...

Social media might bite back

Lauren Kostiuk, Editor-in-Chief

March 17, 2014

Anyone can pick up a teenager’s phone, open their profile, scroll through their feed and see inappropriate language, revealing photos and posts of getting “black out drunk” the previous weekend. It’s these actions that...

The cat calls back

Lauren Kostiuk, Editor-in-Chief

March 17, 2014

A boy described a girl in his math class as: blonde, hot and skinny. That was it. Not once did he mention anything about her intelligence, her personality, her passions. Nope, just her physical characteristics. Thanks to...

Potholes cause problems

Chelsea Thayer, Editor

March 17, 2014

Every winter, year after year, people face the same dangerous hazard, endure the shocking jolt and cringe when they hit the bumps that will slowly turn their tires into big pieces of garbage. These nuisances are better known as...