Potholes cause problems

Every winter, year after year, people face the same dangerous hazard, endure the shocking jolt and cringe when they hit the bumps that will slowly turn their tires into big pieces of garbage.

These nuisances are better known as potholes- and they are the bane of every cars’ existence.

Potholes are created in the winter when ice and snow melt and seep into underlying pavement, eroding the road and creating giant holes in the road that could become several inches deep.

These massive pits can cause severe damage to a car’s suspension and shocks and cause an impact similar to a minor car accident.

People don’t choose to ruin their tires on the potholes and many are not able to afford new tires or fixtures if they roll over a giant hole in the road.

The potholes need to be fixed, simple as that. People don’t have time the time or the money to deal with the consequences of these road hazards.