I need a Herro

Should Tyler Herro have been picked to be an All-Star player for the 2022 NBA All-Star Game?

Gabriella Gjonaj, Staff Writer

With the 2022 NBA All-Star Game approaching, the debate for whether or not Tyler Herro should have been chosen as one of the twenty eight players has begun. 

Tyler Herro, also referred to as “Boy Wonder,” “Bucket” and “Baby GOAT,” is an American Professional Basketball Player from Milwaukee, WI. He went to University of Kentucky and played for the Kentucky Wildcats men’s basketball team. After a year of playing for Kentucky, he was drafted by the Miami Heat in the 2019 NBA Draft and was the youngest player to start in the NBA Finals, according to ESPN.

He averages 20.1 points per game for the 21-22 season. Khris Middleton, a player in the All-Star Game, only averages 19.5 points per game for the 21-22 season. Herro has better stats compared to some other players in the All-Star Game.

The Miami Heat played the Detroit Pistons in November of 2021. The Heat, one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference, were down the majority of the game. It wasn’t until Erik Spoelstra, Miami’s coach, put in their best sixth man, Tyler Herro. That game, Herro scored 31 points, more than any other player that game, and brought his team to a victory with a final score of 100-92.

Although Tyler Herro is not a starter, he was the clear favorite for the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year Award, according to MSN. Also, Tyler Herro has been playing like an All-Star player and should officially be one, according to Sports Casting.

Because of his high point average and being the one the Miami Heat relies on to bring them to a victory when they are losing a game, Tyler Herro should be an All-Star player. He has had outstanding seasons including the 21-22 season. When the time comes, make sure to vote for Tyler Herro to be in the 2023 NBA All-Star Game.