Early action deadline is here

The deadline for early action passed


Senior Maria Dunn checks her email to hear her results from colleges. By applying early, she has received information from most of the colleges she applied to. “I feel so much better about the future knowing I have already got into some of the colleges I applied to,” she said.

Gabriella Gjonaj, Online Reporter

Knowing what colleges one has been accepted to can be a breath of fresh air; therefore, counselors suggest that students apply for early action.

“I applied for early action for college in hopes of having a better chance of getting into the colleges I was thinking of attending,” senior Zoe Yaeger said.

Early action is where a student can apply to college before the normal application deadline. It works as an advantage and increases the chances of getting into the specific college a student wants to attend. Although early action has passed, students still have the opportunity to apply, and underclassmen should take advantage of early action when seniors.

“I wasn’t sure of what benefit early action would have on me at first, but hearing from the colleges early was stress relieving,” Yaeger said. 

By applying to college early, a student and their parent(s) can get a predicted tuition. This act also provides scholarships the student is eligible for. 

“Applying for early action gives the university’s knowledge that the student is interested in their university,” counselor Jennifer Kretschmer said.

The counselors recommend future students to finish their applications before Halloween to be safe and cover all the college’s bases. They also suggest using resources provided on Classlink. Students can Naviance to request their transcripts whether it is through the Common App or a direct application.

“Students still have time to apply to colleges and should not let the end of early action stop them from applying to the college they want to attend,” counselor Kretschmer said.