“Chocolate dipped pretzels” review

A crunchy and easy to make treat for any event.


The pretzels finish their hardening after being drizzled with liquid chocolate. “The salt with the chocolate is my new favorite combination,” Sister Samantha Nowak said. The newly found recipe is being added to the family cookbook.

Savannah Beydoun, Staff Writer

Anybody experiences the  put off feeling by overwhelming sweetness. In those cases a sweet and salty combination is perfect. 

Baking , a wonderful way to release stress, but cakes only last one to two days even when refrigerated. That only gives so much time to enjoy the fortunes of  labor. Chocolate dipped pretzels, however, last up to two to three weeks when kept in a dry place with an airtight container. That’s more than double the time.

When Struggling to find what’s missing from a friend’s or loved one’s gift, the missing piece to make it complete could be right in the cabinet. The chocolate dipped pretzels make perfect for any holiday. Easily stored and wrapped up with colorful paper, it really makes them pop.

There are a lot of different options to fit specific tastes. Chocolates varying from white, dark and milk taste splendid with the salty pretzels. Plus M&Ms, Oreo crumbles, sprinkles, fondant and gum drops also added on top. With so many delicious choices it’s a shame to pick only one, so don’t.

In some opinions, chocolate pretzels are considered to be a healthier alternative to the sweets many get used to. The chocolate pretzels have 100-130 calories, meanwhile cakes  range from 200 to 400 or more calories. For those skeptical of their diet, the pretzels are generally healthier depending on the chosen toppings.

This recipe earns a 5 out of 5 stars.


Prep time: 20 minutes 

Cook: 5 minutes

Total: 25 minutes



1.Melt chocolate on medium heat with a stove.

2.Dip pretzels in chocolate and allow excess to run off.

3.Put the dipped pretzels on wax paper.

4.Sprinkle with topping(s) of choice.

5.Allow to harden; may need assistance from a refrigerator.

6.Once hardened remove from sheets and move to a cool location.



2 bags chocolate chips (dark or milk chocolate)

1 bag pretzels (logs work well for this, but you can try any of the medium to thick variety of twists)

Sprinkles, for garnish, optional


Recipe from Food Network