No Name Tattoo review


In order to get her belly button piercing, junior Samantha Quartuccio when to No Name Tattoo. “No Name tattoo shop was a very clean shop; I felt very comfortable there and Seth Dinardi was very good about answering all my questions,” mother January Quartuccio said. “If my daughter wants to get any other piercing I think they are the best.”

Samantha L. Quartuccio, Staff Writer

With spring break just around the corner, a stylish new addition to add to an Instagram post or Snapchat story may include a new piercing or a tattoo. 

This tattoo shop should be clean, safe and very welcoming when paying for the new piercing or tattoo. No name Tattoo on 45145 Cass Ave, Utica, MI 48317 shop provides a great shop.

When first walking into the shop, it offered a very welcoming environment and a nice clean feel. The front desk clerk provided lots of help filling out the paperwork and made the appointment quick and easy. The whole appointment itself, including signing paperwork and the service at the shop, took about 15 minutes.

The business doesn’t offer any more walk-in appointments, so the shop isn’t crowded at all. Besides the limited number of people, they also take extra precautions by wiping everything down.

The naval piercing and Tattoo artist Seth DiNardi was very professional and made the environment comfortable. The pain tolerance was very low since he distracts the customers by telling them to wiggle their toes.

After the piercing, DiNardi gives customers a big red envelope with information if they have any questions and provides the shop’s number if any concerns come about.

No Name tattoo ranks up a score of five out of five.