5 questions: Mrs. Packan

5 Questions with Mrs. Packan

Q- What are your opinions on “no shave November” and if you could grow a beard for a day, just to see what it felt like, would you do it?

A – No shave November does not bother me. I, however, would not like a beard.

Q – If you were alive in his time period, do you think you would be personal friends with Christopher Columbus?

A – I would sure like to be.

Q – Students are now being taught about the pilgrims and “native Americans” having the first thanksgiving. Do you find the term “Indian” personally offensive?

A – I prefer the term “Native American”.

Q – What is your professional opinion on yams?

A – I do not like yams.

Q – You’re an English teacher; can you spell the word “cornucopia”?

A – C-O-R-N………I have to write it down, hold on…….oh jeez….. (10 seconds of silence)….I’m having problems with this, I’ll admit it.