Sushi yes review


Sophia Clay, Staff Writer

Those looking to try something new should consider Sushi Yes. A small restaurant located at 46300 Van Dyke Ave, Shelby Charter Township, MI 48317, Sushi Yes delivers great food at reasonable prices. 

While some may be skeptical of how it looks, this quaint little restaurant is truly worth giving a shot. With the menu giving many options to choose from it’s great for sushi lovers and those who want to give sushi a try– it offers many different recipes and dishes. A feature of the restaurant that makes it truly worth the try is its complimentary meals.

 If your order totals up to around $20 or $40 you get the option of a free additional meal to your order, giving you more room to try new things. Sushi Yes also gives the option to order online and pick up when you’re done which is perfect if you’d rather just eat at home. Their phone number is (586) 803-4663. The service at the restaurant is nothing special but overall good. Other than sushi the menu has to offer a unique range of soups, salads, and other dishes that come as tiny appetizers.

 The American Dream Roll was something I’d never tried before and was amazed by how good it was after I’d tried it. It offers reasonable hours as well, on average opening at 11 AM and closing by 9:30 or 10 PM. The interior is nothing remarkable, with its notable features being the large windows at the front, two flat-screen TV’s usually displaying a movie or music playlist, and pictures of sushi acting as decor on the walls. 

Not very colorful, having neutral and dark brown tones throughout the restaurant giving it an average atmosphere. Accompanied by its various tables, its interior does not add to the experience of this establishment. But, people don’t typically eat at restaurants because they love how it looks, right?